Welcome to my Navy Days Website


Welcome to the "Navy Days" website of Douglas Carr, formerly 'Jock' Carr, Petty Officer Telegraphist, Royal Navy.

Its object is to make available to a wider audience some photographic memories of my time spent in the Royal Navy, from entry at HMS Ganges, Shotley, to my final draft in HMS Ark Royal (IV) and for this purpose I have pulled together some 300 photographs which I hope brings a flavour of the period.  Photographs are to be found below the relevant text although they are not always apparent.

There are many shipmates depicted in the photographs, and some of them might well not now be alive.  They are, of course, remembered with affection; and I hope that their children and grand-children will appreciate learning something of how they looked and what they did during this period of their lives, now over 60 years ago.

Many of the black and white photographs are not of great quality, due to the lack of proper processing facilities on board ship and to a general deterioration through age.  Things were a bit different from the present day.  However, of particular interest will be the colour photographs taken during Ark Royal's second commission 1956-1958 when colour pictures were few and far between.  It is hoped that these may be of use for historical purposes.  I also acknowledge the splendid photographs taken by Naval and Fleet Air Arm photographers that I purchased at the time.

Although it had been my intention to be as objective as possible in my photographs and comments and simply to present them in their historical context, I have decided (March 2008) to include some personal things which may be of interest to former shipmates but also so that they are on record for my family.  Consequently you will find details of my presentation to Lord Louis Mountbatten whilst in HMS Bermuda and also the circumstances surrounding my being charged with "Causing dissention between government departments" whilst at Portishead Radio... now it can be told!  I have also included a short bit regarding my time as an instructor at the Naval Signal School, HMS Mercury, at Leydene, near Petersfield, Hampshire.

If you have any comments such as additional information about the identity of personnel, Royal & U.S. Navy Ships, or any suggestions as to errors of fact please email me at douglascarr@btinternet.com .

Now cast off and navigate you way through the website and enjoy a trip down memory lane.


"they that go down to the sea in ships...these see His wonders in the deep"

(Psalm 107:23-24)

HMS Ganges

HMS Bermuda

HMS Flamingo

Portishead Radio

HMS Ark Royal

HMS Mercury



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